About DMPK

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics’ is the English journal published by JSSX, which includes manuscripts with high originality in the basic, and applied fields of Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, Transporter, DDS, Clinical Pharmacology, Analysis, Gene Expression, Pharmacokinetics of xenobiotics including drugs. The journal has a predecessor, ‘Xenobiotic Metabolism and Disposition’, which was published in Japanese since the founding of JSSX. After discussing ways to present our research progresses to researchers outside of Japan, we have decided to publish the journal in English, renewing the title to ‘Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics’ , starting 2002, aiming to create a journal with higher impact. We accept manuscripts in 5 styles, Regular Articles, Notes, Short Communications, SNP Communication and Reviews.

The first characteristic of DMPK is that we accept new, and original manuscripts from basic, and applied studies of the pharmacokinetics of xenobiotics including drugs, and the influence of metabolic enzyme and transporters. Secondly, it is a unique journal that includes research results of pharmacokinetics regarding development of new drugs. Finally, our unique SNP Communications are articles that cannot be seen in other journals, featuring enzymes and transporters of pharmacokinetics, and information of new SNPs which codes the genes that control them. We are known for presenting the newest information of these SNPs and their function analysis.

To appeal these features to the world, and to share our findings, we have started our online journal at J-Stage starting August, 2003. (We have 10,000 accesses a month, with about 4,000 downloads) Our Abstracts are featured on PubMed, and all of our manuscripts can be accessed, anywhere in the world, through PubMed to J-Stage. We have applied to ISI for Impact Factors in 2005, and started our Manuscript submission and referee system of ScholarOne in April, 2006. We hope that these efforts would make participation easier for anyone in all countries of the world.