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Early Release of Papers Accepted by /Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics(DMPK) /Will Launch!

As of autumn of this year (scheduled start date), manuscripts accepted by DMPK will be published in PDF form as an advance publication on J-STAGE (http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/dmpk). This will not only allow for the advance publication of accepted papers in PDF form, but also the earlylisting of information regarding the papers on PubMed. The PubMed website will also feature a link to the papers that have been released on J-STAGE. Moreover, advance publication will not requireany fees, whatsoever.

 On acceptance, the e-mail from the associate editor in charge of your manuscript will include instructions to submit a PDF file of the final manuscript to the DMPK editorial office(dmpk-ed@imic.or.jp). The file for a submitted paper that has been uploaded to SCHOLARONE ManuscriptsTM (Manuscript Central) and reformatted into PDF is processed only for REVIEW, so it is not used for advance publication. Accordingly, you have to submit the PDF file of the finalmanuscript for ADVANCE PUBLICATION after acceptance. The current plan for advancepublication is to allow roughly two weeks after receipt of the final manuscript file from the author.The PDF file is published only after security measures have been taken to prevent alterations. Even after finished (print) version of the paper is published, the advance publication will be viewable via a link on the DMPK website showing the finished version. Your understanding in this matter isrequested.

 The instruction to authors will be changed to require authors to submit a copyright transfer form along with your first submission. We would request that the copyright transfer form be uploaded to SCHOLARONE ManuscriptsTM (Manuscript Central) when submitting the paper.

 Similar to last year, DMPK received an IF of 2.544 this year and pledges to continue in its efforts to develop, so we urge all of the researchers in “DMPK” field to actively submit papers to our Journal, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK).

DMPK Editorial Board