What is JSSX?

What is JSSX?

JSSX (The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics) is a society for researchers of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.  Pharmacokinetics is the study of the disposition of various chemical substances, especially medical drugs, in the body, focusing on their effectiveness and/or toxicity. Our society was founded in 1985, foreseeing the importance of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics for drug development and proper usage of drugs.

Our mission and goals

The mission and goals of JSSX are to help recover, keep, and increase human health through drug development and proper use of drugs. We hold annual meetings and workshops, and publish Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics as an official journal of our society to advance the basic and applied studies, providing an opportunity for researchers to further develop and improve their activities. 


Members of JSSX are basic and applied researchers of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and those engaged in developing drugs and proper usage of drugs. Members consist of Regular members, Student members, and Supporting members who support the goals and activities of JSSX.  As of January 2008, we have enrolled more than 2000 members.

Activities of JSSX

-Annual meetings and workshops
-Publication of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (the official journal), and Newsletters
-Awards of accomplishments (JSSX Award, JSSX Award for Young Scientists, Kitagawa Memorial Award, JSSX Award for Distinguished Service)
-Collaboration and communication with related societies and groups