From 2nd Editor-in-Chief (Kan Chiba)

Editor-in-Chief Message Now

Kan Chiba, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University

It is with great honor to be named as the successor of Dr. Masahiro Hayashi, the editor-in-chief of our society journal, ‘Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) .

DMPK was launched in 2002 as the replacement of our formal society journal, ‘Xenobiotic Metabolism and Disposition’. It has been transformed, starting with the cover design, to its current style as an English journal by the great efforts of Dr. Hayashi. I feel that it is my responsibility to continue in his achievements, as well as to take part in DMPK’ s further growth as an international journal.

Presently, the globalization of the pharmaceutical field is rapidly growing, and communication in the English language is a necessity. It is my great challenge to create the basis of making DMPK, the journal to be acknowledged internationally, specializing in the field of xenobiotic metabolism and disposition. With the efforts of Dr. Hayashi and the committee, DMPK is now entered in PubMed, have taken steps to achieve impact factors, and will be starting the testing of the electronic submission system.

My first important job is to have the submission system working, and to have more researchers from overseas, submitting their manuscripts to our journal. In order to do so, I would like to welcome more Associate Editors from the Asian Pacific areas, such as from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia, where we expect more submissions in the near future. Also, I would like to actively appeal the quality of DMPK at the international meetings, and let it be widely known.

I welcome any opinions and requests from all members of the society, it is my great wish to make DMPK, a familiar journal to all readers. As the former editor-in-chief Dr. Hayashi has always said, “Please love DMPK”. The editors of DMPK are eager to have DMPK read worldwide, and at the same time, have the readers feel at-home. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.