Newsletter Volume 37, Number 6, 2022

Newsletter Volume 37, Number 6, 2022


 It has been a month since the 37th Annual Meeting ended. Due to the prolonged corona disaster, the meeting was held on-site for the first time in three years. I am sure that many of you attended the meeting with special feelings, not only because of the rich scientific content, but also because of the elaborate elaborations throughout the meeting. I myself enjoyed meeting people I had not seen for a while at the venue and got involved in long conversations with them. It is also true that I felt my physical strength decline after attending the Annual Meeting. I think it was a good time for me to restart my career in many ways. Next time I will go to Shizuoka and then to Hawaii. I am sure that I will be able to live (and study) with the encouragement of the joint sponsorship with an international academic society.

 Now, the World Cup of soccer in Japan is over. I was cheering for them from the shadows because many of the players were related to my hometown Kawasaki, but I was fighting against sleepiness. The successes of Japan’s soccer team in defeating several powerful countries have been talked about the evolution of Japanese soccer and its strength as a team, and the importance of developing the strength of the individual. The team is the individual, and the individual is the team. This applies not only to soccer but also to various organizations. With these thoughts in mind, I am about to end my day with a heated discussion with the students.


Introduction of Feature Articles

Gakkai Gakkai Michihido (Guide to the Gakkai)

 The purpose of “Gakkai Michihirube (Society Guidebook)” is to introduce scientific meetings that are useful to the members of the Japanese Society of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacokinetics, and to report the contents and atmosphere of those meetings. Pharmacokineticists in both industry and academia are active in various fields such as evaluation of drug efficacy and analysis of pathophysiology beyond the framework of mere pharmacokinetics of drugs. Under such circumstances, we aim to provide a section that introduces scientific meetings that are useful to our members. If you have any information about the meetings you are interested in, we will feature it in this corner.