Newsletter Volume 37, Number 3, 2022

Newsletter Volume 37, Number 3, 2022


 In June, various restrictions have been eased, such as raising the upper limit on the number of people entering Japan from overseas. While we are taking precautions against infectious diseases, we can feel the bustle of the city and holiday resorts gradually returning to the streets. The other day, there was an indoor sporting event for children. Although there were restrictions on the entry of parents and coaches to the venue to prevent the spread of infection, there were cameras on each court and the games were streamed on Youtube in real time, so I was able to cheer for my child on TV at home. Of course, there were no close-ups of faces or replays, but I was grateful for the ingenuity of the organizers in providing this service despite the restrictions. I realized once again that the infrastructure established at the Corona Disaster will allow for a variety of options at future events, depending on the situation and needs.

 Talking about events, various symposia and seminars related to the Society of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics have been planned and held thanks to the efforts of all the people involved. In particular, the Annual Meeting in Yokohama is being steadily prepared to be held on-site for the first time since 2019. Entries are now being accepted, and I frequently hear people talking about the Annual Meeting in their daily conversations. I look forward to meeting you all in Yokohama for discussions and chatting! (H.T.)

Introduction of Feature Articles


 With the development of new discoveries, new methodologies, and other academic advances, the evaluation items and methods for pharmaceuticals and other products are constantly evolving from research and development to post-marketing evaluation. Correspondingly, regulatory information from regulatory authorities in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, as well as ICH and other regulatory bodies, is constantly being updated. Here, we will introduce the latest technologies and findings used in drug development, regulatory information on drug review, and related information topics. We hope that you will find this article useful for your work.