Newsletter Volume 37, Number 2, 2022

Newsletter Volume 37, Number 2, 2022


 The year 2022 has already begun with the arrival of April. Many of you may have started a new life after graduation, enrollment, or employment. The “Prevention of the spread of disease and other priority measures” have been fully lifted, and the spring-like weather has made us feel very open. Spring is also the season for the start of the Corona disaster that has been continuing since the year before last. Last year, I started jogging with a renewed vigor because I was concerned about my lack of exercise due to the increased opportunities to work from home. At first, I was often out of breath and had to stop before I could run even one kilometer, but as I continued steadily, little by little, the distance I could run gradually increased. I purchased a smartwatch to further increase my motivation, and I began to enjoy the feeling of daily progress by recording the distance I ran and the route I took. It has become a habit of mine to run about 15 km round trip from my home to the Shonan coastline to watch the sunset on a sunny weekend. Although it has been more than 15 years since I joined the company, I feel once again that I can take on new challenges at any age. In the field of pharmacokinetics, we are now embarking on the frontier of antibodies, nucleic acids, cell processing and other products, gene therapy, etc. I would like to continue my daily research activities, finding enjoyment in every challenge. I hope that this year’s annual meeting in Yokohama will be the first time for me to meet you all in person and discuss the results of my daily research to my heart’s content. (Y.M.)

Introduction of Feature Articles


 With the development of new discoveries and methods, the evaluation items and methods of pharmaceuticals from research and development to post-marketing evaluation are constantly evolving. Correspondingly, regulatory information from regulatory authorities in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, as well as ICH and other regulatory bodies, is constantly being updated. Here, we will introduce the latest technologies and findings used in drug development, regulatory information on drug review, and related information topics. We hope that this article will be useful to our members in their work.

Pharmacokinetic Research by Young Researchers

 This section introduces the latest research topics by young researchers who will support pharmacokinetic research in the future. Pharmacokinetics is constantly evolving, and we feel that it is expanding in new directions from the study of drug movement. Through this corner, we will introduce the latest research trends of young researchers who will create the future trends of pharmacokinetics. You will be able to experience the innovative ideas and research power of young researchers.