Newsletter Volume 36, Number 3, 2021

Newsletter Volume 36, Number 3, 2021


 My wife joined the “Wild Bird Society” a few years ago, and I myself have developed an interest and knowledge (shallow…) about nature and birds. There are two main types of crows that we often see in the city: the black-bellied ravens, which are black all over and call with a gurgling, gurgling sound, and the crows with a slightly bluish body that hop along the ground and call loudly in the sky, the crows. I am enjoying the pleasure of seeing the ordinary scenes that I had never paid attention to in the past in a new light. Recently, I have been waking up more and more mornings to the sound of a great reed warbler (a summer bird slightly larger than a sparrow) coming from a nearby riverbed. The phrase “Gyoshiko (great reed warbler), born first in the mouth?” was composed by Kobayashi Issa. With their characteristic chirps, “Gyogyoshis, gyogyoshis,” which are sometimes heard loudly, we are feeling the full-blown arrival of summer day by day. The articles in this newsletter are made possible by the contributions of our readers. We would like to ask for your continued cooperation in writing articles for this newsletter. This issue of our newsletter is also very worthwhile. Please read it! (K.T.)


Introduction of Feature Articles


 NEW FACE – NEW POWER” is intended to provide an opportunity for our members to get to know new and young professors who are expected to play an active role in the future, regardless of industry or academia, and to bring new vitality and stimulation to our society. We would like to ask the authors to introduce themselves, including their personal history, and to write frankly and actively about their research prospects, expectations and suggestions for the society and our field. All of you are expected to be stars of hope for the future of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. We hope that this corner will foster a “culture of fostering new young power throughout the society” and help the mutual development of old and new members. We welcome both self-recommendations and recommendations, so please contact the editorial board members if you would like to contribute to this section.